to feel or show deferential regard for; esteem

In golf it is important to show respect for oneself, playing partners, fellow competitors, the golf course, and for the honor and traditions of the game.


Luke Wood– Luke is an 7th grade student at Whitehouse Junior High. He has been involved with The First Tee since 2014. Luke is currently at the Birdie level of the program and working on his certification for the Eagle level. Luke shows the core value of “Respect” by being diligent in his school work, assisting his coaches with leading others in the class, and is quick to compliment others on their accomplishments.
Allison Tilmon– Allison is a 5th grade student at Troup ISD. Allison has been involved with The First Tee since 2015. Allison just recently moved into the Birdie level of the Life Skills Program. Allison enjoys quality time with her family on the golf course, including her brother, Luke, who is a current participant as well. Allison shows the core value of “Respect” by showing up to class on time, completing her homework on time, and taking care of the golf course at all times



the quality or state of being truthful; not deceptive

Golf is unique from other sports in that players regularly call
penalties on themselves and report their own score.

Charlotte McConathy– Charlotte is a Par level participant and is a student at Lindale ISD. Charlotte started in the Life Skills program in 2016 and certified into the Par level during the summer of 2017. Charlotte displays honesty by telling the truth with her parents and teachers at school while also keeping up with her score on the golf course. We are proud of the hard work Charlotte displays during every class!

Charles Lu– Charles is a recent Birdie level graduate from the fall of 2017 and a junior high student at Tyler ISD. Charles has been involved with the First Tee Life Skills Experience since 2013 and will be joining the Eagle level class this spring. Charles is an active member of the Tyler ISD marching band and does a great job in displaying honesty by keeping his and his playing partners scores correctly when on the golf course. We are very proud of Charles!
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