Fall Registration is closed.



Friday “Play Days” currently in play through october!
2nd and 4th Friday of Every Month Beginning at 5:00pm

Play Days are back! Beginning April 28th and for every 2nd and 4th Friday of every month through the fall! Great for anyone just beginning or those looking to advance in their “Certification Process”! Play Days now count towards the “Certification Process” All participants new to playing must start at the 3 hole level. Once completed, participants may sign up for 6 holes, and then 9. The goal of Play Days is to provide more experience for new golfers as well as provide new challenges for experienced players. Click HERE for more information and to sign up!


Membership is optional and supplemental to program classes. Applying and paying for a membership option is NOT the same as registering for a class. Please be sure to fill out a registration form for the class you would like to attend (if attending that season). Unlimited Class memberships still need a registration form for the class so we may know who to put on the class roster.


Tee It Up Package ($50)

Designed for junior participants wanting playing and practice privileges at Peach Tree Golf Course for $5 after 1:00pm and $2 range balls. Once form is completed, participants may check in at the Peach Tree Pro Shop to play after 1:00pm.
Click HERE to sign-up for the Tee it Up Package.

Unlimited Class Junior Family Package ($250)

Designed for families who have more than one junior participant in The First Tee program. Each junior participant receives playing and practice privileges as Tee It Up package. Junior Family Package also allows each junior participant to attend as many classes throughout the year with no programming charge! Participants would still register for a class, but skip the payment page.When applying for family membership, please fill out a form for each child. Payment is only required once. Click HERE to sign-up for the Unlimited Class Junior Family Package.

Please keep in mind, membership is optional and benefits are only good for junior participants. Parents wishing to play at Peach Tree Golf Course are required to pay the regular rate of the course. Participants may play after 1:00pm.

If you want to take advantage of the ‘Tee it Up Package’ or ‘Unlimited Class Junior Family Package’ click HERE.